Often times the spectrum of customer service ends up in a frustaneous circle.  The hospitality industry is ever-changing and a close eye must be kept on keeping up with those responsible for solid five star customer service.  The tools that we give our employees are only as valuable as the intended use of said tool.
Just as an empty hotel room brings zero revenue, the same can be said for the space that a dealer maintains, an area that a server maintains, the desk of a marketing executive, or even the routine of a valet attendant. If there are  poor or non-existent customer service skills, then the business will likely lose a potential or existing loyal guest. Just as a bat is worth only a few dollars to a novice baseball player, it is worth millions to a professional player.  The same can be said for hospitality employees in that their customer service skills are worth millions to the business, but the employee is worth little with improper customer service skills.
When we train our employees in customer service, we must do a better job in making sure they understand that we are giving them valuable tools.  That these tools are valuable to them for their further success and to the company’s success as well.
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When guests arrive whether for business or pleasure, it is important to keep in mind that are unaware of a departments procedures.
A procedures that is necessary may seem to be a miniscule step to the guest. In this instance, a potentially loyal guest could be lost. Communicate with the guest and let them know what is occurring and assure them that you are working as quickly as possible to complete their request.
The guests expectation is that requests in a Five Star setting,  delays should not normally occur. Even with best practice service, you have a content guest, not a loyal guest.
Communicate,  assure, and assist.


Chaz Wellington – Gaming Professional


Teamwork and efficient communication is of course crucial to the success of any organization.  Introducing to and teaching the policies and procedures of those departments that work closely with you can help improve productivity.

Increasing productivity by increasing interdepartmental knowledge not only helps maintain the companies integrity, but it also helps provide five star customer service.

A great example is human resources. Human resources is the glue that holds the company together and inherently works with every department.  The table games department works with every department and must maintain efficient communication. It is also important for our department to be familiar with each departments procedures. This helps insure true five star customer service.

Small Goals Achievement

Achieving 5 Star customer service can be achieved with hard work and a passion for self improvement.

Working toward the main goal, set smaller goals on a daily basis and it can and will become habit.  Have a can do attitude and take the the small triumphs and project that energy to your team members.

Perfecting your own style of customer service is a great first step.  Create a personal brand while keeping the company’s mission, vision, and culture in focus!

Onward and Upward!