Trust Is Not Negotiable


I’ve been thinking a lot about trust.

I’ve been thinking a lot about truth.

I’m trying to wrap my head around what I thought for fiftysomething years were the basics: If we’re going to climb a mountain together, we have to agree on what mountain we’re climbing, where it is, are there airports nearby to get in and get out, has it been climbed before and under what circumstances—you know, the facts.

We won’t necessarily know the exact temperature at the top, the weather patterns tomorrow or the next day, the precise condition of the trail at every turn, those sorts of variables. There are always unknowns ahead of us that we’ll discover together, but if we can’t start on the same page, how can we possibly agree on plans to address the unknowns?

I find these days truly unsettling, not just because there is a debilitating health…

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“Clean It, And They Will Come!”

The next marketing strategies for the hospitality industry will all include touting their cleanliness strategies.  However, for the loyal guest and the hardcore gambler, it’s a matter of when the doors open and not how great the reopening plans are.

Casinos across the country opened their doors and thousands of eager guests rushed to the slots and table games.  The employees waiting on those guests were just as eager to see them there.


Guests Are Ready! Game ON!

Mississippi and Louisiana casinos opened this week giving the hospitality world of days to come. As I’ve stated in previous posts, there is a great divide in those what wish to go back to work, and those that fear getting sick.  The latter also want’s to go back to work, but also wishes to stay healthy.

Where does that leave an individual that has chronic illnesses that is very susceptible to getting the flu and or COVID19? When the state tells them that it “might” be safe to go back to work, those that are in danger of getting COVID19 may not have a choice but to stay home.  Then again, the state also tells them that if they don’t return to work when called, they will lose their unemployment benefits.  The individual must decide between losing their unemployment benefits which pays for their food and water, but staying safe, or working to pay for food and water but risking their health.  These are real dilemmas facing our hospitality workforce.

PPE Vending Machines At McCarran International Airport.

With the pandemic still very present and traveler’s ready to jump on a plane at any moment, there are a few surprising adaptations occurring.

One of the best options given for people to help protect themselves is the PPE vending machines put in various  places at McCarran Airport.  It’s tough these days to find dependable masks and reputable businesses that provide quality products. 

As the traveler is usually in a rush, the PPE vending machines are a great idea!

The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part III

Many states have began to reopen their non-essential businesses and there are numerous reports  that are giving information concerning the number of cases rising and/or falling per state.  This information is convoluted to say the least and one cannot determine the veracity and/or accuracy of reports.

Casinos in the entertainment capital of the world  are taking steps to help ensure that they can better protect guests in many ways.  Pictured below is a new sanitation station just outside of the gaming floor of one of the casinos on the strip.


In addition to sanitation stations, many Las Vegas casinos are installing self cleaning dividers on slot machines,  as well as fiberglass dividers on table games as shown below in an Arizona casino.


Photo Courtesy of Malinda Miller

At the other end of the spectrum, we have another photo below of an opening of an Arizona casino with guests that don’t have a care in the world.  Not a care for themselves or others.


Part IV to be released soon.

The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part II

Part II

Training, Knowledge, and compliance. These words ring true in solving any problem and reopening the entertainment capital of the world is no different.  Having properly trained staff was well as proper guidelines will be effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

As we move toward more definite dates for states to open, more specifically Nevada, there is still much debate on how soon is too soon.  A great divide still exists between those who wish to work and those who feel that more time is needed.

Nevadans are much more at ease now that the unemployment issues are being resolved as staff at the Department of Training and Rehabilitation has been increased.  The phone system was not designed to handle the amount of claimants that occurred after the March 16th non-essential worker lay-offs.

According to Sabrina Hudson with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, claimants rose from 10,000 claimants a month, to 10,000 claimants per day.  These numbers should begin to go down as some businesses across the state are slowly reopening.



The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow.

How will the entertainment capital of the world look tomorrow and beyond?

Part I

As we move further into the summer of 2020, we have and are still enduring a global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the lives of those on our planet.

It has destroyed lives, ended lives, and has created struggles that no one that we know of today could have foreseen.  Speculation as to who, when, where, and how this virus was let loose on the planet still moves through the minds of many.

What’s important for us right now is to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay motivated.  The numbers of infected and deaths from COVID19 in Las Vegas as far as we know have dropped and continue to decline.  But what exactly does mean for Las Vegas and the world?  One must remember that the Coronavirus is still a threat as it is believed to be mutating, affecting children with illnesses outside of the symptoms that we’ve seen, and at the very least is still very contagious.

Having said that, consider that those that would normally frequent entertainment venues that have underlying illnesses, are retirement age, and/or those that simply fear getting ill from the virus are removed from the statistics.  The challenge is to fill the seats but at the same time having to monitor that activity for enforcement of social distancing.  Handling that as a hospitality entity will most certainly be challenging.

Social distancing, resolving disputes, and superior guest service with a mask on will be the first and foremost hurdle to overcome.  We now have reopening guidelines from both the Nevada Gaming Control Board as well as the corporate guidelines outlined by various companies.