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Beyond Young

When we first get into a car, one of the first things we do is look into the rear view mirror. When driving we have to in order to see what’s behind us. This is part of the safety of driving. But what about in life? If we are always looking back, can we move forward? Even when were driving, if we continue staring back, were going to crash, then of course there is no moving forward. So the question is, if we are always looking back, how can we move forward?

When were driving and glance at our rear view mirror, were looking to see if its clear to change lanes most of the time right? which is a positive move to get you to your destination safely. What we dont want to do is continue to stare into the rear view mirror looking for something, because thats a…

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A Plan To Reopen Las Vegas?



As many of our hospitality employees roil in the everyday news search for glimmers of hope, its is apparent that that glimmer of hope has arrived.

There have been many assumptions on just how the casinos will adapt to this “new normal.”  Some of these suggestions have included fiberglass dividers between guests on the gaming tables, and even shower curtains between slot machines.

Wynn Casino has a tentative reopening date which you can read about here.

In addition, there are many individuals calling for a smoking ban in casinos.  This would be very advantageous to employees and a perfect time to implement this in the casino industry!

Click below for the full story by the Motley Fool for the latest information on the reopening.

A Plan To Reopen Las Vegas

Channel Partners Spring Conference and Expo

13 APR 2017 – Las Vegas, NV –  The Channel Partners Spring Conference and Expo was held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino April 10 – 13 marking their 20th anniversary.  This annual convention consists of over 100 industry-leading speakers, 275 exhibitors, and 5500 partners and suppliers.  The title sponsor was AT&T and premier sponsors consisted of companies such as Vonage, Verizon, AVANT, and CenturyLink.

The first day of events began with an opening keynote and lunch. Keynote speakers were Carolyn April with CompTia, and Joe Chuisano and Janet Schijns with Verizon Business Markets.  The evening ended with a first-time attendee reception at the 1923 Bourbon Bar.

Each exciting day consists of keynote speakers, executive tracks, technology leader tracks, and education tracks.  Each event consisted of networking opportunities.

An addition to the entire conference and expo was the partnership between Channel Partners and Hire Heroes USA.  Hire Heroes USA with support from Granite announced its Spring 2017 Veterans Initiative in which 11 job-seeking Veterans were hosted. Granite fulfilled by underwriting travel, hotel, and incidental expenses. This is the third Channel Partners event in which Veteran job-seekers were given access to education and networking opportunities.  Veterans took full advantage of the offerings and gave excellent reviews thereafter.

The expo floor gave potential clients access to hands-on demonstrations and clear options to many of today’s technological solutions.  All exhibits had polite and professional representatives which made the experience very enjoyable. For the not-so-faint of heart, there was also a mechanical bull which was enjoyed by yours truly.

The 2018 Channel Partners Conference and expo will be held again in Las Vegas, NV April 17 – 20 at the Venetian.

Chaz Wellington

Founder – Hospitality First

Ready for some hockey?

If only the visionaries of old could see their Vegas today! 

As we say goodbye to the Riviera which has been demolished to make way for convention space, we say hello to the first ever professional sports team.

The announcement of an NHL expansion team was made June 14th and the town is excited! On addition, the decision will soon be made as to whether the Raiders will also call Las Vegas home.

More in-depth posts coming soon!