back in action!

As we roll into Spring, we welcome back the sunshine, warm temperatures, and “millions of visitors once again” to the Entertainment Capital of the World!

It has most certainly been a tough year! The world watched as Las Vegas held on as the pandemic nearly destroyed the chances of being its former-self. As I expected, the numbers began to increase as the vaccine was rolled out over weeks, and it is true that Las Vegas is alive and well.

With all but thirteen casino properties open in Las Vegas, we are well on our way to course of success. Hospitality In Motion gives much appreciation to all of those affected by the pandemic, and hope to see each and every one of you back to work.



Trust Is Not Negotiable


I’ve been thinking a lot about trust.

I’ve been thinking a lot about truth.

I’m trying to wrap my head around what I thought for fiftysomething years were the basics: If we’re going to climb a mountain together, we have to agree on what mountain we’re climbing, where it is, are there airports nearby to get in and get out, has it been climbed before and under what circumstances—you know, the facts.

We won’t necessarily know the exact temperature at the top, the weather patterns tomorrow or the next day, the precise condition of the trail at every turn, those sorts of variables. There are always unknowns ahead of us that we’ll discover together, but if we can’t start on the same page, how can we possibly agree on plans to address the unknowns?

I find these days truly unsettling, not just because there is a debilitating health…

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The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part III

Many states have began to reopen their non-essential businesses and there are numerous reports  that are giving information concerning the number of cases rising and/or falling per state.  This information is convoluted to say the least and one cannot determine the veracity and/or accuracy of reports.

Casinos in the entertainment capital of the world  are taking steps to help ensure that they can better protect guests in many ways.  Pictured below is a new sanitation station just outside of the gaming floor of one of the casinos on the strip.


In addition to sanitation stations, many Las Vegas casinos are installing self cleaning dividers on slot machines,  as well as fiberglass dividers on table games as shown below in an Arizona casino.


Photo Courtesy of Malinda Miller

At the other end of the spectrum, we have another photo below of an opening of an Arizona casino with guests that don’t have a care in the world.  Not a care for themselves or others.


Part IV to be released soon.