Empty Streets of Las Vegas, NV

As we wake up this fine morning and count our blessings, be mindful of our first-responders and other workers that are keeping our nation moving.  The empty streets of the Entertainment Capital of the World calls out to us to return!

Nevada Phase 1 Reopening

So #Facebook was filled with pictures of happy Nevada residents filling the recently approved open businesses.

Governor Sisolak Announced that phase 1 would occur May 9th. With this announcement came both support, ridicule, uncertainty, and most certainly relief.  The proof of the support was in the actions of both the businesses that reopened, and the customers that visited the businesses.  The ridicule came from many different directions.  No matter the person or entity, the uncertainty is on the minds of all.  This is most certainly uncharted territory in multiple categories.

One of the most intriguing businesses that I have been meaning to visit and will once they are open again is Sherman’s House of Antiques.  I have a long list of antiques that I am in search of.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.  The “stay home” phrase is moot as of today.