17 JUNE 2022 Welcome to 100+ temperatures as we are now in the middle of June. I always welcome the hot temperatures as it doesn’t bother me much. Anyhow, here we are rockin’ through the summer and we will soon be seeing some awesome developments. A few of these are the MSG Sphere which willContinue reading “LAS VEGAS…..AND YOU CAN TOO!”

vegas growth and change during a very trying time.

Many changes are occurring the Entertainment Capital of the World whether it be further lay-offs, permanent closing of businesses, new casino construction, and mergers. According to Bailey Schultz with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, employees at the Tropicana, Treasure Island, and Sahara casinos are facing yet another lay-off. This comes after a very long, difficult andContinue reading “vegas growth and change during a very trying time.”

Uphill or downhill?

“The tests or not the tests?” That is the question. As reported by the Associated Press today. drastic measures are now being taken. Why can’t those that can actually see a threat to our nation, take drastic measures in the beginning rather than wait until there is chaos and death? Nevada along with other statesContinue reading “Uphill or downhill?”

Moving forward through the covid-19 storm.

8 JULY 2020 As the world struggles with the recent events that all are surely aware of, there are events here that have rocked the very foundation of our country, and times are still very hard for many. The Coronavirus has not slowed surpassing three million confirmed cases, there are still thousands that have notContinue reading “Moving forward through the covid-19 storm.”