Uphill or downhill?

“The tests or not the tests?” That is the question. As reported by the Associated Press today. drastic measures are now being taken. Why can’t those that can actually see a threat to our nation, take drastic measures in the beginning rather than wait until there is chaos and death?

Nevada along with other states are now in the “red zone.” According to CNN, the highest number of cases were reported in the United States and that number was seventy-one thousand. There has been many references in the hospitality industry to the movie “Sophie’s Choice.” If you aren’t familiar with it, either read about it or watch it. There are tough decisions being made right now on the topic of staying home, or putting food on the table with the risk of illness, death, or possibly infecting others by having to go back to work.

Where do we go from here. Prayer yes. We are truly in an unprecedented time, with unprecedented circumstances, dealing with an invisible enemy with unprecedented protocols. This brings me back to the point I made earlier that Nevada is one of the States that is in the “red zone.” According to 8 News Now, Nevada has had the highest reported cases today since the beginning of the pandemic. This report posted by 8 News Now from the White House states that there were 173 cases per 100,000 in Nevada compared to the 119 per 100,000 national average. This statistic threatens to force Nevada back to phase 1. Governor Steve Sisolak has already ordered all non-food serving bars to close. To answer the question posed by the title of this post, we are still very much going “uphill.” Can this lock-down end? Will this lock-down end? If so, by what statistic and/or whose judgement of that statistic?

There is a virus yes. There are also decisions to be made.

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