Moving forward through the covid-19 storm.

8 JULY 2020

As the world struggles with the recent events that all are surely aware of, there are events here that have rocked the very foundation of our country, and times are still very hard for many. The Coronavirus has not slowed surpassing three million confirmed cases, there are still thousands that have not received a dime from unemployment, civil unrest has risen in many cities, China has implemented a security law tearing down the pro-democracy movement and was most certainly a fatal blow to the “one country, two systems” framework.

Closer to home here in Las Vegas, Governor Steve Sisolak issed a mandatory face mask order in which everyone must wear a mask in public. This has comforted some to a degree, has enraged others which feel that the mandate is unconstitutional, and has made others worried of the implications of wearing a mask. In any case, private property is just that, private property. Businesses have the right to require masks mandate or not.

There is a very recent video on YouTube of patrons at Wynn Casino that had been asked to wear their masks and refused. They were asked to leave by security if they were to refuse to wear a mask. Instead of complying with wearing a mask, they taunted security throughout the self-recorded video. The single fact that the patrons ignored is that it is in fact private property.

Business News

In business news around Las Vegas, there is fear amongst businesses as Governor Sisolak spoke of “action’ for non-compliance of the mask mandate. A second shut-down of businesses would make recovery nearly impossible.

The Global Gaming Expo 2020 has been canceled. The event was to take place October 5 – 8, 2020 and brings in over twenty-five thousand attendees.

Resorts World continues strong and will likely open on schedule in the summer of 2021. They unveiled a massive 100,000 square foot LED screen for the July 4th celebration.

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