“Clean It, And They Will Come!”

The next marketing strategies for the hospitality industry will all include touting their cleanliness strategies.  However, for the loyal guest and the hardcore gambler, it’s a matter of when the doors open and not how great the reopening plans are.

Casinos across the country opened their doors and thousands of eager guests rushed to the slots and table games.  The employees waiting on those guests were just as eager to see them there.


Guests Are Ready! Game ON!

Mississippi and Louisiana casinos opened this week giving the hospitality world of days to come. As I’ve stated in previous posts, there is a great divide in those what wish to go back to work, and those that fear getting sick.  The latter also want’s to go back to work, but also wishes to stay healthy.

Where does that leave an individual that has chronic illnesses that is very susceptible to getting the flu and or COVID19? When the state tells them that it “might” be safe to go back to work, those that are in danger of getting COVID19 may not have a choice but to stay home.  Then again, the state also tells them that if they don’t return to work when called, they will lose their unemployment benefits.  The individual must decide between losing their unemployment benefits which pays for their food and water, but staying safe, or working to pay for food and water but risking their health.  These are real dilemmas facing our hospitality workforce.

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