The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part II

Part II

Training, Knowledge, and compliance. These words ring true in solving any problem and reopening the entertainment capital of the world is no different.  Having properly trained staff was well as proper guidelines will be effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

As we move toward more definite dates for states to open, more specifically Nevada, there is still much debate on how soon is too soon.  A great divide still exists between those who wish to work and those who feel that more time is needed.

Nevadans are much more at ease now that the unemployment issues are being resolved as staff at the Department of Training and Rehabilitation has been increased.  The phone system was not designed to handle the amount of claimants that occurred after the March 16th non-essential worker lay-offs.

According to Sabrina Hudson with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, claimants rose from 10,000 claimants a month, to 10,000 claimants per day.  These numbers should begin to go down as some businesses across the state are slowly reopening.



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