“Clean It, And They Will Come!”

The next marketing strategies for the hospitality industry will all include touting their cleanliness strategies.  However, for the loyal guest and the hardcore gambler, it’s a matter of when the doors open and not how great the reopening plans are. Casinos across the country opened their doors and thousands of eager guests rushed to theContinue reading ““Clean It, And They Will Come!””

PPE Vending Machines At McCarran International Airport.

With the pandemic still very present and traveler’s ready to jump on a plane at any moment, there are a few surprising adaptations occurring. One of the best options given for people to help protect themselves is the PPE vending machines put in various  places at McCarran Airport.  It’s tough these days to find dependable masksContinue reading “PPE Vending Machines At McCarran International Airport.”

The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part III

Many states have began to reopen their non-essential businesses and there are numerous reports  that are giving information concerning the number of cases rising and/or falling per state.  This information is convoluted to say the least and one cannot determine the veracity and/or accuracy of reports. Casinos in the entertainment capital of the world  are takingContinue reading “The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part III”

The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part II

Part II Training, Knowledge, and compliance. These words ring true in solving any problem and reopening the entertainment capital of the world is no different.  Having properly trained staff was well as proper guidelines will be effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19. As we move toward more definite dates for states to open, moreContinue reading “The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part II”

The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow.

How will the entertainment capital of the world look tomorrow and beyond? Part I As we move further into the summer of 2020, we have and are still enduring a global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the lives of those on our planet. It has destroyed lives, ended lives, and has created struggles thatContinue reading “The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow.”