Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks and the Importance of Morale – Part 1 of 2

Customer Service is not easy for everyone.  On the same note, some patrons want to be treated much differently than others.  This applies to both ends of the spectrum.  Some employees have a natural knack to provide 100% excellent customer service while others have to struggle with even the basic concepts. They try very hard to please even the easiest guest to no avail or they really don’t try at all.

When hiring new employees, the individual(s) responsible for hiring must take strong observation of customer service skills.  The manner in which customer service is provided can be taught and directed, but an employee with no skills and no desire will never improve the bottom line.

As far as guests are concerned, there are some that will write down the names of the employee(s) as well as time(s) served if they feel that service was inadequate and make a complaint.  This is almost always the case if the guest has the expectation of being pampered.  On the other hand, there are guests who do not want to even be spoken to and at times get angry when they hear “good luck” or “how are you.”  Mind you, the majority of this situation is in table games.  In any case, an employee must be able to adapt and cope with all types of guests.  This can be taught by proper training. Quite often it is “touch and go” with specifics, but service recovery comes in to play any time there is a problem.

**I will be making an announcement concerning an addition/improvement to the blog in between this post and Part 2!  Stay tuned!

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