17 JUNE 2022

Welcome to 100+ temperatures as we are now in the middle of June. I always welcome the hot temperatures as it doesn’t bother me much. Anyhow, here we are rockin’ through the summer and we will soon be seeing some awesome developments. A few of these are the MSG Sphere which will be complete sometime in 2023 and the long awaited Fontainebleau Hotel and Casino. The MSG Sphere is shown below as it was featured on my TikTok Channel @hospinmotion.

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Where do we go from here?

The Pandemic

So the pandemic knocked us down, but we got right back up and are back-in-action. It was looking dire for quite a few months but we hung-on and are stronger than ever. With God’s blessing, we rose above this tragedy and are getting back to some normalcy.

Effective Teams and Effective Leaders Like Myself Brought Las Vegas Back To Life!

The Future

What a difference there is in the Las Vegas scene from that of a year ago. Not only are the numbers strong and most of the casinos reopened, there are new casinos that are opening as well. The Fontainebleau Las Vegas will open in 2023, and the Durango Hotel and Casino and Resort will also open in late 2023.

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back in action!

As we roll into Spring, we welcome back the sunshine, warm temperatures, and “millions of visitors once again” to the Entertainment Capital of the World!

It has most certainly been a tough year! The world watched as Las Vegas held on as the pandemic nearly destroyed the chances of being its former-self. As I expected, the numbers began to increase as the vaccine was rolled out over weeks, and it is true that Las Vegas is alive and well.

With all but thirteen casino properties open in Las Vegas, we are well on our way to course of success. Hospitality In Motion gives much appreciation to all of those affected by the pandemic, and hope to see each and every one of you back to work.



vegas growth and change during a very trying time.

Many changes are occurring the Entertainment Capital of the World whether it be further lay-offs, permanent closing of businesses, new casino construction, and mergers.

According to Bailey Schultz with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, employees at the Tropicana, Treasure Island, and Sahara casinos are facing yet another lay-off. This comes after a very long, difficult and uncertain period of more than four months in which thousands of hospitality employees struggled with receiving unemployment benefits. Schultz also said that the employees of M Resort were also sent WARN notices. There is much at stake here in Las Vegas, and steps must be taken immediately to ensure the well-being of our hospitality family.

COVID-19 has caused the permanent closures of many businesses across the Las Vegas Valley. Cafe Sanuki, Not Just Antiques, and a forty year old Las Vegas favorite Ricardo’s are among many businesses that were forced to close.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are two major casino construction projects that are ahead or on schedule to open soon. Resorts World Las Vegas is a $4.3 billion “next generation resort” which will feature 3500 rooms, a 117,000 square feet of gaming, a 350,000 square feet of flexible meeting and banquet space, and a 220,000 square foot pool complex. Resorts World celebrated July 4th by unveiling the 100,000 square foot LED screen featured on the west tower with a fireworks display. It is in fact one of the largest LED screens in the United States. Resorts World Las Vegas is set to open summer of 2021.

Circa Hotel and Casino is also under construction and set to open October 2020 with limited capacity.

According to Richard M. Velotta with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the New Jersey Gaming Control Board approved Eldorado Resorts Inc. $17.3 billion acquisition of Caesars Entertainment Corp.

Uphill or downhill?

“The tests or not the tests?” That is the question. As reported by the Associated Press today. drastic measures are now being taken. Why can’t those that can actually see a threat to our nation, take drastic measures in the beginning rather than wait until there is chaos and death?

Nevada along with other states are now in the “red zone.” According to CNN, the highest number of cases were reported in the United States and that number was seventy-one thousand. There has been many references in the hospitality industry to the movie “Sophie’s Choice.” If you aren’t familiar with it, either read about it or watch it. There are tough decisions being made right now on the topic of staying home, or putting food on the table with the risk of illness, death, or possibly infecting others by having to go back to work.

Where do we go from here. Prayer yes. We are truly in an unprecedented time, with unprecedented circumstances, dealing with an invisible enemy with unprecedented protocols. This brings me back to the point I made earlier that Nevada is one of the States that is in the “red zone.” According to 8 News Now, Nevada has had the highest reported cases today since the beginning of the pandemic. This report posted by 8 News Now from the White House states that there were 173 cases per 100,000 in Nevada compared to the 119 per 100,000 national average. This statistic threatens to force Nevada back to phase 1. Governor Steve Sisolak has already ordered all non-food serving bars to close. To answer the question posed by the title of this post, we are still very much going “uphill.” Can this lock-down end? Will this lock-down end? If so, by what statistic and/or whose judgement of that statistic?

There is a virus yes. There are also decisions to be made.

Moving forward through the covid-19 storm.

8 JULY 2020

As the world struggles with the recent events that all are surely aware of, there are events here that have rocked the very foundation of our country, and times are still very hard for many. The Coronavirus has not slowed surpassing three million confirmed cases, there are still thousands that have not received a dime from unemployment, civil unrest has risen in many cities, China has implemented a security law tearing down the pro-democracy movement and was most certainly a fatal blow to the “one country, two systems” framework.

Closer to home here in Las Vegas, Governor Steve Sisolak issed a mandatory face mask order in which everyone must wear a mask in public. This has comforted some to a degree, has enraged others which feel that the mandate is unconstitutional, and has made others worried of the implications of wearing a mask. In any case, private property is just that, private property. Businesses have the right to require masks mandate or not.

There is a very recent video on YouTube of patrons at Wynn Casino that had been asked to wear their masks and refused. They were asked to leave by security if they were to refuse to wear a mask. Instead of complying with wearing a mask, they taunted security throughout the self-recorded video. The single fact that the patrons ignored is that it is in fact private property.

Business News

In business news around Las Vegas, there is fear amongst businesses as Governor Sisolak spoke of “action’ for non-compliance of the mask mandate. A second shut-down of businesses would make recovery nearly impossible.

The Global Gaming Expo 2020 has been canceled. The event was to take place October 5 – 8, 2020 and brings in over twenty-five thousand attendees.

Resorts World continues strong and will likely open on schedule in the summer of 2021. They unveiled a massive 100,000 square foot LED screen for the July 4th celebration.

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